Leaving AVG

Today I resigned from AVG.A long clean road between greenery

The reasons for this are not trivial, but I feel I don’t have a chance of moving to the next level in my career in this company despite enormous efforts and clear achievements.

Still, I think AVG is a wonderful company that is yet to find its path and I wish them all the best in pursuing their vision.

My plan for the moment is to start scalability consultancy business and help people build high-performance web sites and mobile application backends. I have a decade of experience in building, launching and maintaining high-performance systems and I consider myself an expert in high-performance web servers and scalable system architecture. I have successfully implemented numerous projects in this area.

If you have a challenge like that, don’t hesitate, make an enquiry.

I’m excited by an opportunity to do something independently and I’ll make sure I’ll do my best to excel in it.

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